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12 Simple Wiring, Switch Gang Box Collections

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Simple Wiring, Switch Gang Box Collections - I'm trying to set up a few "smart" switches (ge quirky). Switches which stay with the aid of themselves in the container are actually smooth (just follow the instructions - hyperlink line to line, load to load, floor to floor and impartial to impartial). However, my first three-gang field stumped me a touch nowadays - after carefully mapping it out i think i have it figured, however become wondering i can also as properly run it by means of you guys and notice if i am missing anything - particularly considering that there are few wires in there that seem superfluous.

White neutral wires from pipes four, 2 and two from pipe 3 are all linked collectively with an orange nut. Any other impartial wire coming from pipe 1 is disconnected from the entirety and tied up with electrician's tape. Black live wire - ex1 - coming out of pipe 1 is connected to a purple stay wire - ex2 - popping out of the pipe 2 via orange nut. Stay black twine - ex3 - is coming out of pipe four and is capped via itself with an orange nut. 4 copper wires and one inexperienced twine (i'm assuming ground) are all twisted and capped together. The copper wires are coming from pipes 1 (two wires) and three and four (one wire each). Inexperienced cord is coming from pipe 2.

Why are there two "principal" line wires going into the primary nut ? Why is there 4 neutrals tied collectively and one placing out by way of itself ? What is the factor of ex3 ? It appears that the semi-usual conference of black=line, color=load isn't always pretty followed right here. L1, l2, ex1, ex2, l-a and o-a all appear to be at the least well matched with it, but l-b, o-b and l-c, o-c appear to be backwards.

Your plan sounds about right, however you may in all likelihood run into problem fitting all the wires inside the connectors. Wire connectors have a restrict to the quantity of wires they could connect, so you'll need to be aware of this limit and paintings inside it. This may suggest having pigtails between a pair bundles, or the usage of larger connectors. Test the manufacturer's documentation, to decide the proper cord connector to apply.