wiring a 4 prong switch Wiring Diagram 4, Relay Fitfathers Me Fancy At Relay Wiring Diagram 4 Pin 10 Nice Wiring, Prong Switch Pictures

10 Nice Wiring, Prong Switch Pictures

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Wiring, Prong Switch - Good enough, from the replies i obviously have not been very clear in my explaination. 1. What: see attached photo of 12a/125v 10a/250v dpst four-pin 2 role inexperienced led mild mini rocker turn on/off 2. Why: "off-scene" fiddle yard includes five parallel road (three cassette slots and 2 fixed tracks) sliding zone plate. Alignment by means of peg through zone plate into baseboard frame. Electrical feed from 12v dc supply to constant tracks by means of dropper wire. Electrical feed to cassettes by means of brass plates on bottom of cassette sitting on sprung brass plate with dropper wire on baseboard. Fiddle backyard operated independently of scenic phase operation - mess around backyard operator suggests that educate is prepared and for which line the usage of one among 3 on/off switches which illuminate the applicable indicator led at the mimic manipulate panel of the layout operator. I am hoping that is a chunk clearer.

If it's miles a mains on/off transfer designed to work at 230v you will possibly locate it is already connected internally, of course this indicates it'll transfer at low voltage but the mild will not work. Try and post the specs and it is probably possible to kind it out. Richard.

Way to all those who have been so helpful with their replies. Despite 12vdc in case you do not surely understand format electrics past the basics it is easy to tie your self in knots, but, thanks to all of your expert contributions i now recognize what i must do.

First of all, electricals are honestly now not my distinctiveness! I am after a clear, simple indication displaying which of my five fiddle yard roads are switched on or off to receive energy from the controller. Please can someone informed on electrics supply me with a easy diagram on the way to wire up a 4-pin illuminated dpst rocker-transfer in order that it lights up when switched to the on function and strength is being fed to the street it controls. I ought to work it out by way of trial and errors but expert recommendation could be a lot more secure i think.