salus thermostat wiring diagram DIY Weekend Project, fitting a wireless thermostat (SALUS RT300 10 Fantastic Salus Thermostat Wiring Diagram Solutions

10 Fantastic Salus Thermostat Wiring Diagram Solutions

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DIY Weekend Project, Fitting A Wireless Thermostat (SALUS RT300 - The boiler has an overrun feature which is supposed to lessen thermal shock at the boiler. ?that is to mention, the water is saved circulating while the middle reduces in temperature after the burner has extinguished. ?the overrun can last a couple of minutes but will handiest countdown to prevent the pump after the burner has been extinguished. The capacitor or resistor has the identical effect in an ac circuit and eliminates the 240v from the ch (boiler online) and switches the quarter valve again (there's a small motor within the quarter valve) thereby switching off the boiler through pin 8 on the principle block connector.

Now installation the “keep down” resistor or capacitor between pin five on the primary block connector and impartial. ?this could be applied on the boiler end or stat give up of the boiler feed line (shown at the stat give up in the circuit diagram). ?as you may see the fix is simple. ?a 330kω resistor and connected among the “impartial” connection and the “generally open” connection inside the salus receiver will emulate having a resistor inside the salus much like the constant room stat does. The salus rf stat does no longer have this inner resistor so the overrun residual voltage trouble resulting from the boiler remains an trouble –  with out it the boiler overrun voltage leak onto the “boiler on” terminal can not burn up.

The hassle is that the overrun characteristic keeps 240v residual voltage at the “boiler on” feed at the boiler whilst the pump is on overrun. ?this hints the gadget into wondering there nonetheless call for for heating, which maintains the boiler strolling, which keeps the pump strolling, which continues the boiler going for walks and so forth. With the brand new rf thermostat hooked up in region of the original constant room stat the system fires up successfully on demand from the ch activate the programmer and an over temperature set on the rf thermostat. ?when the temperature call for is ready beneath the room temperature to boiler never switches off. ?you have to electricity the system of to stop it walking.