replacing a light fixture ballast The, T8 ballast, about twice as long as, old, ballast 11 Cleaver Replacing A Light Fixture Ballast Ideas

11 Cleaver Replacing A Light Fixture Ballast Ideas

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Replacing A Light Fixture Ballast - There's a cover hiding the ballast and the wiring. On my fixture, you really pinch the cover together and pull it off. As soon as off, you may see that there are two ballast devices, one for each pair of bulbs. The following step is to parent out which unit has gone bad.

An smooth way to do this is to disconnect one ballast, then the alternative, and notice which fits. Be extraordinarily careful working with live ac energy. First, shut off the circuit breaker powering the fixture. Subsequent, the usage of a flashlight, undo the wire s from one of the ballast gadgets. In my case, they have been held the use of twine nuts. There should handiest be two or 3 wires that join the ballast to ac energy, but when doubtful, undo all of them. Normally, the black, yellow, and white wires will visit the house power and must be eliminated in this step, while other colors, normally on the alternative side of the ballast, go to the bulbs. In case you’re doubtful, get an electrician!.

2) from the left side, there is one pink, one blue and one yellow wire that aren't contemplated within the diagram beneath. ?i have indeed linked the two blue on the right aspect of the ballast with the 2 blue on the proper facet of the lamp as well as the two crimson with the 2 pink. ?the two yellow i had firstly related to the unmarried yellow at the left. ?but then, what to do with the more crimson and blue of that same left-hand trio? ?i to start with bundled the extra left-hand crimson with the four pink at the right-hand facet, and the same with the greater blue, but this did no longer paintings.

You could either placed the nut returned at the power wires or tape them thoroughly in electric tape to ensure they're insulated. Then, you could turn the breaker returned on and strive the mild. The goal is to disconnect one ballast and feature the light nonetheless work, that means the bad ballast has been disconnected. I purchased a ge proline ballast substitute for a two lamp flourescent fixture, forty eight" each lamp. ?the vintage ballast had two blue and crimson wires at the proper, and at the left facet: a black, a white, one purple, one blue and one yellow. ?the black connects to a pink power twine in the ceiling, the white to the whtie neutral, and the unmarried pink, blue and yellow wires all connected to matching wires on the fixture to the left. ?the 2 blues and reds at the right connected to matching fixture wires on the proper. ?the brand new ballast purchased at home depot as recommended by the worker has just one black and one white exiting the left aspect, and blues, reds and two yellows from the right. ?"observe the colore-coded wiring diagram" became the recommendation, but after connecting all like colors on the new ballast to the fixture, all i got changed into a behind schedule, dim mild at the bottom of each fluorescent bulb. ?i believe the wiring isn't as easy as described. ?so, a way to wire the new ballast to my fixture so it works? ?don't need to name an electrician as it  will cost me extra than a modern fixture. ?thank you earlier for any assist on a way to cord effectively.