nest cooling wiring diagram Nest Learning Thermostat, installation & configuration guide, PDF 14 Top Nest Cooling Wiring Diagram Collections

14 Top Nest Cooling Wiring Diagram Collections

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Nest Cooling Wiring Diagram - Yes, it is straightforward to control a swamp cooler with any thermostat. The problem is that with a purpose to use a swamp cooler efficaciously, you need strategic openings (usually open windows) to allow the air out. This is the component which is hard to automate. The first-rate way to use a swamp cooler is to open windows within the rooms that want the cooling the maximum. You need as much windowspace opened as viable with none outside air coming returned in via the home windows. There are a few computerized devices i have seen (along with up-dux that vent into the attic however they cause extra resistance so they are a great deal much less powerful.

I have located that the honeywell rc840t-a hundred and twenty would possibly allow me to use the 24v nest thermostat with the 110v swamp cooler and the usage of a spdt relay i should join y1 and y2 to the 2 terminals of the 2-pace motor. Honeywell rc840t-120 was created to connect line-voltage controlled heaters to 24v thermostats but i think it will additionally paintings with the swamp cooler. This tool can be the first relay so one can decide if the pump and motor are going to receive energy. This primary relay will be related to a ptd102 postpone as a way to delay the electricity to the spdt relay, this ultimate realy is the one with a view to manage the electricity to the motor primarily based on y2 terminal from nest thermostat. The thermostat will ship electricity to y1 simplest for 1st speed and in case it wishes more cooling electricity it'll begin sending energy to y1 and y2 at the equal time causing the spdt relay to exchange energy to excessive through terminal 3 as the subsequent diagram shows:.

Earlier than managing the trouble to attach each structures to the same thermostat (maybe the usage of switches/relays to close down one gadget while the opposite is on) i need to realize if it viable to govern the swamp cooler the use of the nest thermostat. I don't have an excessive amount of electrical information, but i have been performing some studies and i think it is possible if i buy a few additional things.