live wire electric bike Harley-Davidson LiveWire First Ride, Motorcycle USA Live Wire Electric Bike Top Harley-Davidson LiveWire First Ride, Motorcycle USA Pictures

Live Wire Electric Bike Top Harley-Davidson LiveWire First Ride, Motorcycle USA Pictures

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Harley Davidson LiveWire Clutchless Electric Bike - The high-pitched whir of the longitudinally-hooked up, three-phase ac induction motor reverberates through the chassis, amplifying the sound. It starts offevolved off quietly, then builds in pitch and volume as the bike gains pace. It's louder than you'd think, and even though it's no longer going to prompt any car alarms, it'll without a doubt make you smile. That's now not out of the query. Harley's past forays into the probably lucrative marketplace for smaller, town-centered bikes have ended poorly. That hasn't saved it from trying once more this year with the release of the road, a less difficult, cheaper, motorcycle made for city driving. The livewire is any other step in that route.

Harley did most of the chassis paintings—it's been constructing bikes since the dawn of internal combustion, so it's were given that down pat—however delivered in professionals like venture motors for help with things just like the motor controller. The important thing project in constructing the livewire was the shift from constructing a motorcycle around an engine to building one around a battery. A battery is heavy—harley wouldn't say what the % weighs, however one ev professional instructed us some thing with the range and recharge time harley claims would be around 250 pounds—so engineers had to reduce weight someplace else. The cast aluminum perimeter frame wrapped across the battery field weighs simply 14 kilos, which makes it a full 8 kilos lighter than the 0's body. The wheels have hollow spokes, and harley claims they're a few of the lightest aluminum wheels it's ever produced. There’s no need for an exhaust device, which no longer simplest saves weight but gives the motorcycle a sleeker appearance. The result is a clean, tightly packaged bike without frivolous information.

Speakme of the motor, the livewire marks quite a departure from harley’s signature sound. You don't get the syncopated “potato, potato, potato” that is synonymous with a 60-degree v-dual engine. However although it's electric, and therefore has no engine, the livewire had to live as much as harley’s “look, sound, and feel” mantra. That took lots of paintings, but enterprise president and coo matt levatich insists the result is “now not contrived.".