light switch wiring not working double check your brake light switches. Image, have been reduced in size. Click image to view fullscreen 16 Practical Light Switch Wiring, Working Pictures

16 Practical Light Switch Wiring, Working Pictures

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Practical Light Switch Wiring, Working Pictures - Ultimate night time i switched a ceiling mild fixture with a ceiling fan. Before it was only a mild fixture and it become managed from a activate the wall; considered one of switches at the same transfer plate/panel (so a double transfer). The two switches managed two different ceiling mild furniture.

I advocate first of all to take the far flung control kit out of the set up to look if you could get the fan going with out it. As soon as that is a success then re-attempt introducing the remote unit.

Now that the ceiling fan is in, one of the switches does not anything and the other controls each the ceiling fan and mild fixture. I've attempted discovering the difficulty however my search phrases continually ended in tutorials on a way to have a ceiling fan with lighting managed with the aid of two separate switches.

Here is a picture of the switch with the panel off (unique wiring); it's far the turn on the left that does not anything and the only on the proper which now turns on and off a ceiling mild and a then the ceiling fan which itself was a ceiling mild previous:.

Join the green/naked twine from the output side of the far off receiver to the inexperienced/naked wire from the fan/mild. If there's no green/naked twine at the output facet of the far off receiver, join the green/bare wire from the fan/light to the green/naked twine from the ceiling.

Primarily based on your descriptions (the pics are tough to study), there should be pink and black wires in the ceiling field. It sounds like you ought to have tapped the fan's ac in l into the black wire for the fan's switched warm line, but you tapped into the red rather. If that is the case, just switch the fan electricity line over to the black. There have been handiest three wires in the ceiling field; red, inexperienced, and white. The inexperienced is the floor ostensibly (given the way it was linked). There may be a far flung control package mounted for the fan. The purple and white cables are related to corresponding red and white cables at the kit field; which in flip has 3 wires which connect to the real ceiling fans wiring.