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15 Practical Liebert Thermostat Wiring Diagram Ideas

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15 Practical Liebert Thermostat Wiring Diagram Ideas - 7 2.5 system controls widespread capabilities 1.Five- to three-ton structures system controls encompass a microprocessor manage board hooked up in the evaporator/chilled water unit and a wall-installed interface with a -line, sixteen-individual liquid crystal show. An 8-key, membrane keypad for setpoint/application manipulate, unit on/off, fan speed and alarm silence is underneath the liquid crystal display display. It offers temperature setpoint and sensitivity adjustment, humidity setpoint and sensitivity adjustment, digital show of temperature, humidity, setpoints, sensitivities, fan velocity and alarm situations. The wall-box is area-stressed out to the microprocessor manipulate the use of preferred four-conductor thermostat twine (subject-supplied). The temperature and humidity sensors are within the wall box, which may be mounted as much as 300 feet (ninety one.4m) from the evaporator unit. The unit-established manipulate board also consists of common alarm terminals and shutdown terminals. The unit routinely restarts after a strength outage. Discern 1 wall-container other popular manage functions adjustable auto restart five day/2 day setback password protection alarm allow/disable self-diagnostics calibrate sensors predictive humidity manipulate common alarm output far off shutdown terminals 3 liebert datamate. 6 2.0 standard functions 1.5- to 3-ton systems general features 1.5- to 3-ton structures 2.1 evaporator phase split-structures the liebert datamate is to be had as a split gadget air, water/glycol-cooled unit or self-contained chilled water unit. Split-gadget evaporator segment consists of the evaporator coil, 2-velocity centrifugal blower meeting, filter out-drier, galvanized steel drain pan, r-407c refrigerant price, cleanable filters and microprocessor control with wall-installed display panel. The unit production is inspired metallic with powder-covered, detachable outside panels. A reversible discharge grille affords the potential to redirect airflow. The evaporator may be floor- or wall-installed. 2.2 condensing unit section far flung cut up-structures indoor centrifugal fan condensing gadgets indoor air-cooled centrifugal fan condensing devices encompass scroll compressor, manufacturing unit-established disconnect transfer, condenser coil, r-407c unit charge, belt-driven centrifugal blower meeting, excessive-pressure switch, liebert lee-temp head pressure manipulate machine, hot gasoline skip and liquidline solenoid valve. Unit must be set up indoors. Condensing unit is designed to apply outdoor air with temperatures ranging from -30 f to ninety five f (-34 c to 35 c). To be had in 2- & three-ton fashions outside prop fan condensing gadgets outdoor prop fan condensing units encompass scroll compressor, condenser coil, r-407c unit charge, prop fan, liquid-line solenoid valve, high strain transfer, liebert lee-temp head strain control and warm gas pass. Condensing unit is designed for outside places with working ambients ranging from -30 f to ninety five f (-34 c to 35 c) indoor faraway water/glycol condensing gadgets indoor far off water/glycol condensing devices include scroll compressor, r-407c unit price, manufacturing unit-established disconnect, coaxial condenser, warm gasoline bypass, excessive head strain transfer and two-way water regulating valve designed for 150psi (1034.3kpa). Condensing devices may be used on either a water or glycol cooling loop. Available in 2- and three-ton models. 2.3 condensing unit phase close-coupled the close-coupled water/glycol condensing unit is designed to attach to the break up-machine evaporator to end up a unmarried wall- or floor-established unit. Indoor close-coupled water/glycol condensing devices encompass scroll compressor, brazed plate condenser, r-407c refrigerant fee and 2-way water regulating valve. Unit is available in 60hz fashions handiest. Layout pressure is 150psi (1034kpa). 2.4 chilled water gadgets self-contained chilled water models include a relaxing water coil, a -way, solenoid open, sluggish-near (on/off) spring-go back valve, two-pace centrifugal blower meeting, cleanable filters and microprocessor manage with wall-hooked up display panel. Layout strain is 300psi (2068kpa) with a maximum close-off strain of 60psi (414kpa). Liebert datamate 2.