how to wire two motion sensors to one light electrical, multiple motion detectors wired together, Home 14 Nice How To Wire, Motion Sensors To, Light Solutions

14 Nice How To Wire, Motion Sensors To, Light Solutions

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Electrical, Multiple Motion Detectors Wired Together, Home - (2) new runs of nm 14/2 electrical cable input the floodlight junction field as shown. Be aware the purple /yellow marking on the road/experience cable that changed into made before the brand new cables had been pulled into the attic. The white (neutral) twine has been recoded yellow here as properly with a everlasting marker to correspond with recoded yellow quit in the attic.

The storage installation here is one of a kind because i didn’t need to “double up” and use an additional deep junction box for appearances sake; and i wanted to hookup a 2nd floodlight at the alternative quit of the storage as a “slave” unit.

The four cables are brought right into a newly hooked up electrical junction container as proven. Each cable is identified with a permanent marker. Notice the impartial (white) cord for the of the burden/feel cable has been recoded as yellow (decrease left) the usage of a everlasting marker. This yellow wire will hook up with the experience cord of the in-linelinc, the other cease of this wire might be related the motion sensor purple cord.

The in-linelinc labored reliably and i may want to manage my garage floodlights until sometime later when my storage door opener died and i replaced it with a chamberlain belt force unit. Afterwards i noticed the storage floodlights have become flaky. On occasion i may want to remotely flip them on but not off under far off manipulate – generally after many tries – or they wouldn’t paintings at all.

I recently upgraded to an isy994i home automation controller and purchased plenty of latest insteon controls to increase my gadget, which includes a filterlinc 1626-10 plug-in noise filter at the suspicion some thing was interfering with the insteon alerts. Or perhaps the in-linelinc had long past horrific?. The junction box wiring for the in-linelinc, motion floodlight and slave floodlight is whole. The wires enter the junction box from pinnacle and bottom within the equal arrangement as shown inside the wiring diagram. Note that the pink load wire of the in-linelinc is attached to the lamps in each floodlights. The in-linelinc is rated to 480 watts and my lighting fixtures use a total of 4 (4) 26 watt compact fluorescent bulbs for a total load of only 104 watts .