how to wire an electrical outlet with 3 wires How to convert 4-prong (NEMA 14-50), outlet to 3-prong (NEMA 6-50), YouTube 19 Creative How To Wire An Electrical Outlet With 3 Wires Photos

19 Creative How To Wire An Electrical Outlet With 3 Wires Photos

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How To Convert 4-Prong (NEMA 14-50), Outlet To 3-Prong (NEMA 6-50), YouTube - However, bloodless operating copper makes it brittle. This may take place whilst a wires are twisted collectively to make a pigtail twine nut connection, then untwisted to regulate the circuit and repeated too in many instances. The copper wire leads will sooner or later crack and smash. 1) flip off the strength at circuit breaker serving the receptacle circuit. 2) verify the receptacle is useless with the voltage tester. 3) do away with and unwire the receptacle. Set it on the counter out of the way. 4) disconnect and separate the black (hot) and white (impartial) wires. Five) leave the ground wires linked for protection’s sake. 6) you ought to now have black and white wires uncovered and separated from the hole box. 7) turn on the electricity at the circuit breaker. 8 ) very carefully affirm which of the 2 black (hot) wires is energized with electricity with the voltage detector. Fine to preserve one hand to your pocket while doing this. Best one black cord have to be energized. Take into account which black twine is warm. Nine) test if both of the white (impartial) wires is energized with the voltage detector – neither must be live. 10) flip off the strength on the circuit breaker. Eleven) label the only black cord that turned into energized with a small piece of protecting tape marked “line facet”. 12) twine nut together the two black wires coming from the opening box. Thirteen) cord nut collectively the 2 white wires coming from the hole box. 14) turn on the circuit breaker. 15) take a look at if the downstream stores have power. Sixteen) no strength within the downstream retailers? You have got a damaged wire in one in every of leads coming from the hole box. Is there a pointy kink that might indicate a spoil? 17) got electricity within the downstream stores? You probable had a bad cord nut connection on your pigtail. Possibly something got here unfastened when you folded the wires in the wall field? 18) flip off the energy on the circuit breaker. 19) wire the receptacle in parallel with the pigtail in the normal way. 20) go away the receptacle putting out of the wall box. 21) turn on the electricity. 22) take a look at the wires for voltage with the voltage detector. Are the downstream stores energized? Precise. 23) turn off the power. 24) cautiously fold the wires into the outlet field and remount the receptacle. 25) switch on the energy and recheck the downstream receptacles for strength.