how to wire a vtec switch where to wire vtec to harness 92 civic vx honda tech honda rh honda tech com 14 Popular How To Wire A Vtec Switch Solutions

14 Popular How To Wire A Vtec Switch Solutions

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Where To Wire Vtec To Harness 92 Civic Vx Honda Tech Honda Rh Honda Tech Com - This screenshot indicates your log information viewed the use of our base layout's tuning tab, plus i delivered a new plot displaying ve (which is the end result of any map switching or mixing) and vtec_active.?. I discovered the logs, they were attached to your forum post but you want to press the 'insert' button so people can see them to download. I edited your publish, the logs need to be viewable now.?.

This subharness will add vtec, vtec oil strain, knock and iab wiring to your chassis. In case you don't want knock or iab you're welcome to dispose of them from the harness with the aid of reducing off the lead. I found something interesting. While vtec switches on, there's a 50 rpm delay before it virtually requires the greater fuel. So when i track excessive cam ve table for decrease rpms, it turns into too rich on the 50 rpm window in which vtec_active turns on to wherein it without a doubt needs the delivered gasoline.

I have a supercharged 2000 s2000. Currently were given hte automobile tuned on aem infinity and there may be a lean spike at vtec transition. I attempted richening that part of the map but the bounce is still there. It makes pre-vtec too rich and the eu does now not react speedy enough to lean richen the combination as vtec hits. This connector pigtail suits the vtec strain transfer sensor on honda acura k collection engines. It also fits the knock sensor, fan, coolant temperature sensor and intake air temperature sensor on b/d/h/f/j series honda and acura engines.

In the diagnostics page of the wizard, there is a channel named 'crankedge rpm smoothing filter'. It impacts the reaction vs smoothness for the enginespeed [rpm] calculation, which gets utilized in gas calcs.?the wizard describes what it does pretty certainly. Default price is 95 for maximum calibrations, attempt lowering to 80 for your car and notice if this affects your engine's 3rd equipment vs 4th gear conduct. It looks like a quite simple tuning hassle, recollect that the o2 sensor's readings will include a moderate time delay because the exhaust has to exit the cylinder, travel thru the header, then physically get near the sensing detail. In other words, it looks as if you adjusted the wrong cells in the vetable so you introduced an excessive amount of. In case you're seeing logs show the o2 is too lean at 4700 rpm, you can need to increase the vetable values at 4500 rpm (or even earlier) to compensate.?.