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8 Fantastic Fibaro 2, Switch Wiring Ideas

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Fibaro 2, Switch Wiring - My first question is that i am not 100 sure on the existing wiring of this mild (perhaps i must begin upstairs in which it is greater clean and simple). Beneath is a image of the arrangement so optimistically a person can help? 2448x3264 1010 kb the switched stay and impartial into the mild itself are clear but i anticipate that i've a junction box inside the ceiling for the reason that there isn’t a right away connection between the 2 switches inside the ceiling rose. There are then bundles of lives and neutrals each with four cables in and those are connected to a unmarried chocolate block. This isn't always what i anticipated primarily based on the beneath (that is precisely how the upstairs is stressed out).

Thanks @robinwinbourne & @siwilson - i ended up investing in a multi meter and suppose i've were given to the bottom of a number of it…nicely i've controlled to put in the dimmer 2 for the outdoor mild in the meanwhile besides.

Sorry i meant switched stay and impartial so count on the rose was feed from the mild switch handiest (excluding the hallway 1g as there may be no impartial wire in here in order that they must simply be strappers? That are taken again to the 3g transfer).

My 2nd question is, once i have recognized the additional wires, if i were to suit the fibaro inside the ceiling rose, given that there is a separate junction field could i twine it up as though it were a unmarried toggle switch? This gave the impression to be the case for the dimmer 1 module however this wiring diagram doesn’t exist for the dimmer 2. If so then maximum of it is clean, besides which wire i use for the “com” stay feed for the switch. Is that one of the cables bundled together and i need to exercise session which it's far?.

So from my picture above i'm clear that is l (can take it from the grouped lives), s1 (the switched stay that is black in my photo and marked with purple tape?), N (can take it from the grouped impartial wires) and the weight that is immediately connected to the stay of the light. However, which do i take because the switch not unusual? Have i neglected some thing and it is marked in the institution of lives? Or do i want to get the multimeter out and locate which one has continuity with the switched stay?.