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8 Top 66 Mustang Light Switch Wiring Galleries

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8 Top 66 Mustang Light Switch Wiring Galleries - If you study the 2014 posts, you'll see one titled 'flip signal transfer device'. You simply push that onto the wire, wiggle it round a touch, and then pull the cord out of the backside of the connector. While you're putting the wires back in till you feel a touch click on. Nothing to it.

Those antique cars sure are a laugh. :)You possibly have numerous little things which are collecting into all sorts of weirdness. I assume that the first things that i'd do is to ensure that the floor twine that is going from the screw keeping the device cluster voltage regulator onto the returned of the instrument cluster to the dash bracing again at the back of the instrument cluster was making proper touch at each ends, and, i run a floor twine, for check purposes only, from one of the studs protruding of the lower back of the tail light housings to an amazing ground someplace, simply to make sure that they have been grounded well enough. Do one for each tail mild housing. After you get that set up at the device cluster and the tail lighting, run via that same collection of assessments that you did formerly to catalog what changed into going goofy underneath what situations, and notice if some thing changed. Allow me realize what you find out.

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Specifications... 1965 coupe 289 with lamps. So i've been doing quite a few paintings on my automobile the beyond 6 weeks and i've a wiring haywire somewhere. First off, the car begins excellent, runs excellent, lighting work, brights work, tail lighting work, opposite lights work, parking lamps work, horn works. I have brought the following new elements. New tail mild kit (housing, bulbs, chrome, etc.) New backup lamp package new parking lamp package new foremost wiring harness from mr. Mustang; the main headlight transfer wiring harness (voltage reg, lighting, park lighting fixtures, horns, alternator, solenoid) new principal wiring harness for the engine (temp sending unit, oil sending unit, two pace fan, ignition, coil, etc.) New autolite voltage regulator rebuilt the fuse field with vivid new connectors and fuses. New alternator wiring harness to healthy unique that plugs in to the headlight wiring harness and attaches to the nice facet of solenoid new starter new scott drake steady voltage regulator at the returned of the inst panel. New flexplate (flywheel) new neutral protection transfer battery has been absolutely charged at the neighborhood autozone alternator passes the take a look at (twice) performed at autozone so here is/are the issue(s) 1. The alt lamp stays on constantly. There is no signal of battery drain as i will pressure around town, stop, begin again, depart it for four days and go out and start it once more. 2. Once i switch the key to the "on" position, the left flip sign works quality. When i put the right turn signal on, both rear taillights flash as though it have been the use of danger lighting fixtures (which i don't have). Three. After i transfer the key inside the "on" position and turn on the parking lamps, the left flip signal works high-quality. Once i switch on the proper flip sign. The turn signal mild comes on and stays lit. The proper tail light and park lamp come on as though it wants to flash, however it remains vibrant. On the identical time, the left tail lamp dims just a chunk but still remains lit as it's within the parking lamp role. Four after i transfer the important thing within the "on" function and turn on the lighting, the identical thing takes place as defined in #3 ***here is where it starts getting weird*** five. If i leave the key in the off position and now not even have it within the ignition, not anything happens left or right, obviously 6. If i go away the key within the off position and now not even have it inside the ignition, and flip the parking lamps on and then the left flip sign, nothing happens except the left tail light dims a piece. But if i switch on the proper turn signal, the left rear tail light dims a chunk and then the oil mild comes on (yeah.. Head scratcher). And to make that more weird, if the fan is inside the low or high function, it will make the oil light blink and the heater fan start pulsating inside the same rhythm because the turn sign noise. 7. The equal element occurs as it did in #6 if i depart it within the off role, now not have the important thing in it, flip the lighting fixtures all of the manner on. The left tail lamp will dim a chunk and the oil lamp will come on. And if the heater is on, it will make the oil light and heater fan blink/activate in unison with the flip sign flasher. Manifestly there is a wiring mix up right here, however i will't appear to locate it. I'm decently professional in relation to running on this automobile because it's so mechanical and the wiring is pretty fundamental, but this has stumped me. Does anybody have any ideas of where to begin with this? I have a feeling that after the culprit is located, the alt mild will burst off, the oil light will forestall flashing and all might be lower back to ordinary. That's the way it seems to go along with this automobile. Again, begins first-rate, drives quality, but this difficulty is bizarre and perplexing. All the fuses within the newly rebuilt fuse block are nevertheless proper, however perhaps i shouldn't rule out a mis-cord on the fuse block. But if that were the case, i'd assume there could be a whole lot larger and substantial troubles. I have not replaced the flip sign 2 prong plug because i've never had an problem earlier than this. In order that is not new.