6 gauge wire for trolling motor Wiring Diagram, Homemade Generator Free Downloads Trolling Motor Battery Wiring Diagram 8 Cleaver 6 Gauge Wire, Trolling Motor Galleries

8 Cleaver 6 Gauge Wire, Trolling Motor Galleries

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8 Cleaver 6 Gauge Wire, Trolling Motor Galleries - I worry that the battery cables might also get flopped around within the gunwale and get scratched, so i positioned them inside break up tubing hoses. I needed to drag each cable separately, so i added a fishing line, which i might use to tug the string backtrack.?.

The trays are screwed onto the ground (plywood wrapped with resin?). I used one inch #10 screws. Don't use something longer as that would go through the plywood, which sits very close to the lowest of the hull.

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Nicely completed!! ?  i am searching at buying a 202 explorer and became wondering approximately battery placement (i've youngsters so a porta potty could be first-rate however their are different alternatives), you spoke back that query for me. ?  .

First - the position of batteries. The gap beneath the step in the console is simply huge enough to match 3 organization 31 deep cycle batteries. I purchased these battery trays from west marine. I tried different trays from amazon however those had been too wide so i back them. The motor appears to be pretty smooth to govern with a faraway control. It may additionally be comply with routes programmed interior your fish finder. I'll check the pinnacle pace subsequent time i am going fishing, but it can cross as sluggish as 0.1 mph, or make the boat stationary the use of gps signals. I mount the motor across the front seats due to my excessive bow rail. In case you don't have high rails, i have seen others that mount the motor on top of the gunwale with minimal interference with the the front passengers. For me, it does not remember because i fish 4-5 human beings and no one sits at the the front seats. If i go out cruising with the family i just dispose of the motor (it has a quick-release mechanism) and placed the motor in my truck.?.