6 gauge wire jaycar Laser Beam Timer, Jaycar Electronics, Zealand 17 Brilliant 6 Gauge Wire Jaycar Solutions

17 Brilliant 6 Gauge Wire Jaycar Solutions

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Brilliant 6 Gauge Wire Jaycar Solutions - Qty code description 1 xc4410 uno board 1 xc4536 datalogging guard 1 xc4617 dot matrix lcd show 1 xc4438 sound sensor 1 xc4448 amplifier 1 rp7504 1 k potentiometer 1 rm7125 a hundred nf polyester capacitor 1 hm3212 forty way header strip 1 as3004 miniature speaker 1 xc4998 2 gb sd card. Here is a on hand little assignment that makes use of a little regarded function of leds, and additionally has a laser in it, which makes it even cooler. We shine a laser module on the led, and the led in reality generates a voltage relying on how lots light is shining on it. We use an arduino to measure this voltage, and if the beam is broken, then we will report the time to use it as a specific timer. You could use it like a race lap timer (for slot vehicles!), Or to degree the speed of falling gadgets. Some soldering is required.

As the primary components are the uno and a defend, there is now not lots production worried. We soldered a female header strip onto the liquid crystal display button shield so that we can pull it all apart and reconfigure it later, but in case you need something more permanent, you could solder the modules at once to the liquid crystal display button protect. For the show module wreck off a group of ten pins from the hm3212 header strip and solder vertically to pins 1-10 at the lower back of the show module. Then run a cord from gnd (pin 1) to psb (pin 15) and blk (pin 20) on the lower back of the display module, and every other twine from vcc (pin 2) to bla (pin 19). We've used specific shades to help distinguish the wires however that isn't always important to operation of the clock.

The second one adjustment is for the extent - we use the potentiometer for this. Deliver the microphone at the sound module a tap and flip the potentiometer shaft clockwise to growth the extent. If the volume is just too high the sound may distort and harm the speaker - it ought to not want to be grew to become extra than about 30 tiers to be audible. You can need to maintain triggering the sound to keep adjusting the volume. Whilst the clock is speaking it ought to study out the variety of days and weeks until christmas and then deliver a random greeting. If the sound is closely distorted or there's a high pitched background noise there may be a wiring problem with the potentiometer, capacitor or amplifier module.