18 gauge wire subwoofer Amazon.com : Extreme, Fence 18 Gauge Wire 2500 Ft, Heavy Duty, Containment Wire Compatible with EVERY In-Ground Fence System, Dogs, Pure Solid 14 Professional 18 Gauge Wire Subwoofer Solutions

14 Professional 18 Gauge Wire Subwoofer Solutions

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Professional 18 Gauge Wire Subwoofer Solutions - Matt, in case your battery on my own can take care of your vehicle's headlights and loud tune at the identical time but your alternator can't, it shows that there might be something wrong with your alternator/charging device. You must have it looked at by way of a qualified auto mechanic. Mike, i am no longer sure you want a capacitor for a 500-watt gadget, however a capacitor commonly receives installed as close to the subwoofer amplifier as viable to be powerful, not 25-feet away. 30 toes is awful lengthy - is this an rv or bus? If you don't plan on ever increasing the gadget or your amplifier makes use of magnificence d amp technology, then four-gauge strength and floor wires will do. In any other case, i might use 2-gauge strength and ground wiring. Crutchfield currently contains 4-gauge twine, however now not 2-gauge.

I ought to have made myself clear. The fuse did pop and its been popping ever considering the fact that. Im going for walks a cheap four gauge wire to the trunk. Its now not real awg wire thats why i figured i should cross bigger with a 2 gauge to the distribution block and from there preserve the 4 gauge to both amps. I have the five hundred/1 jl audio slash series amp and the alpine mrp f three hundred. Can i run a circuit breaker rather than fuse?. I made the error of buying a reasonably-priced walmart brand twine, i at the start ran my 1600 watt amp with a 1200 watt energy cord, but i bought the cord together with that jeep, so i put my 15" l7 and 1600 watt amp in my truck and thought i should skirt through on that, i simply blew three fuses inside the last 5 minutes, 2 eighty amp 1 a hundred amp. I figure it to be the wire motive the amp works simply fine... So what gauge twine have to i be the usage of?.

I've a 2001 toyota corolla. I installed a no name brand 4 gauge power wire from the battery to my stinger non fused distribution block in the trunk. From there i have two four gauge wires my amps. I've an alpine three hundred.4ch and a 500.1 jl audio powering a 10inch w7. I additionally have audiocontrol epicenter set up. I recently melted my energy cord right at the inline agu fuse connector. So now im debating whether using 2 gauge or zero gauge from th battery to the trunk and the use of a one hundred amp circuit breaker or clip fashion 100 amp fuse block. What do you recommend i do as a ways as set up and gauge size? My downfall to my installation is when i blow a fuse i lose all sound considering that im simplest the use of one energy cord with a distribution block for both amps. Thank you earlier.